5 Best food trucks in Ahmedabad

“Food Porn” it’s quite a word that people have been living around with in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad has been excelling for their rooftop restaurants, the fancy places, but moreover it is being known for the food trucks, the food junctions that have been opened up recently. Now a days Ahmedabad has been quite popular because of the food trucks that have opened in the past 2-3 years. 

Most of which these food parks are opened at the posh area known as Sardar patel Ring road. They provide an option of non-veg and vegetarian options. Food trucks have evolved the idea of being together and having food. Food trucks have turned around the idea of eating mannerly to eating with having fun, being in a sophisticated restaurant to being in an open area. 

Ahmedabad has opened up a lot of food truck places the 5 most top places being Urban Chowk, SBR social, Food Junction (rajpath club), Food battalion and Baap No Bagicho. 


Urban Chowk 

Urban Chowk is the baby project to the aspiring individuals who wanted to give Ahmedabad a place where they can spend quality time with their near and dear ones. Their passion towards good food and rooted bonding moral stimulated the whole idea. This place opens at 7pm and is open till 12 in the night. They keep live music on few days to entertain people. They have collaborated with a lot of food partners and have a variety food items that they offer. 


SBR Socials 

They got an interesting aspect I their park. They had seating arrangements that where named by the social media that we use such us snapchat Instagram and Facebook. This place is also a really an environment friendly place. They have live music to engage their customers and they are partnered with Just live that serves Mexican and pure beans and cream which serves best coffee. Socials has got a variety of foods as well.  This is located on Sindhu Bhavan Road.


Food Junction (Rajpath)

This was one of the earliest parks to open up in Ahmedabad. Food park allowed people who were new to the food business to enter and explore themselves and turned out to be amazing as well. There is this lady who sells amazing cheese pull apart garlic bread. And they have stick waffles and potato twisters. They don’t have live music and its just a normal food park.


Baap No Bagicho 

This is located on shilaj circle on s.p.ring road. Many users feel that this is best among all in terms of ambience. This serve only vegetarian food as of now. They are open upto 2 am and they have a garage feeling and it gives people a new feeling. Its full of light and a lot of good vibes. They serve Chai, coffee and Maska bun, are the few special things they provide. 


Food Battalion 

This park is on the way from Bopal to karnavati club. Theme is based on army. It has lot of varieties food and seating arrangement available. This has special band on weekend to perform live music.

Click here to know more about Ahmedabad Food Trucks!

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Aroma diffusers are excellent tools to get beneficial essential oils into the air, where their effects can be felt. They have long been used in aromatherapy treatments as they help to cleanse the air and promote soothing feelings in the environment. Although they are usually used for either aesthetic or therapeutic purpose, they also boast some amazing health benefits!

Reasons to Use an Aroma Diffuser

Using an essential oil diffuser allows you to access all the benefits of essential oils, unlike heating oil’s in candle or wax warmers. In fact, applying heat to essential oils can actually denature many of the most important chemicals and compounds, so you are essentially just diffusing the oils for scent, and not for the more beneficial aspects.


Benefits of Aroma Diffuser

Promotes Good Sleep

Many Aroma diffusers can promote neurotransmitter activity in your brain, and stimulate a release of the hormones, leading to restful and uninterrupted sleep. 

Improves Respiratory Health

Inhaling Aroma diffuser can improve inflammation in the respiratory tracts, boost immune health, and help eliminate colds and coughs. 

Eliminates Odor

A room or home that smells musty, stale or smoky can easily be remedied by diffusing orange, bergamot or lemongrass oils

Elevates Mood

Aroma Diffuser has the power to eliminate sadness and depression by brightening your mood. You can also set a romantic dinner date by simply turning on the diffuser.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Many people diffuse Aroma diffuser to reduce anxiety and promote calmness of body and mind, particularly, oils like lavender, frankincense, neroli, and chamomile. 

Increases Energy

If you regularly feel fatigued or lacking energy, certain oils, such as grapefruit, cinnamon, lemon, and orange are great for giving you a critical boost to energy and mood.

Boosts Immune System

Many Aroma Diffuser have antibacterial and antiviral effects, which can help protect your immune system once they are inhaled.  Immune-boosting oils include lemon, tea tree, peppermint, clove, and camphor.

Creates a Healthy Environment

Airborne bacteria can be very dangerous, but if you diffuse the right oils, you can create an antiviral and antibacterial environment in the home that keeps you and your family health

Boosts Memory & Concentration

You can improve memory, cognitive function, and focus on diffusing oils like rosemary, basil, spearmint, lemongrass, and tangerine. 

Pain Relief

Another use of an Aroma diffuser is a pain reliever. It gives relief from headaches, sinus, joint pain, or pain arising from overworked muscles.

Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

  • Heat Diffuser – A heat diffuser heats the essential oil, causing it to evaporate, releasing the aroma of the oil into the air.
  • Fan Diffuser – A fan diffuser doesn’t rely on heat, but rather moves air across a wick or absorbent surface that contains the essential oil.
  • Evaporative Diffuser – In a similar way, evaporative diffusers allow the essential oil to be exposed to the air, and thus slowly evaporate.
  • Nebulizing Diffuser – Widely considered the best option for essential oil diffusers, Nebulizing diffusers use cold, pressurized air to force essential oil molecules into an atomizer.
  • Ultrasonic Diffuser – This type of essential oil diffuser creates small vibrations within a combination of water and essential oil, which causes a fine mist to be released into the air, where it can be inhaled and improve the aroma of a room.

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WHY ONE SHOULD CHOOSE DIGITAL MARKETING …? If u are curious to know then read below…

So what is digital marketing? a basic question running in your mind right now lets see what it is …


If u want to know exact definition in detail go and check the link below.


What is future of digital marketing in India?

Internet population is growing very fast in India. This new age digital consumers wants to know everything about products, services and brand before they make purchase decision.

Companies who are still using traditional marketing have started moving towards digital marketing, but due to limited knowledge of digital marketing and how to use digital platforms, their current staff is unable to go digital.

This is major reason why companies are hiring digital marketing experts to take care of their digital marketing projects.

Now digital marketing has become a next big career in India

Gone are the days when marketing using TV and Print ad was generating business. Now Digital Marketing has changed the game. Digital marketing is becoming next big career opportunity very soon.

 So Digital marketing is not a trending, but it can make others in trending list. So the question is how it is possible?

Digital marketing works on many parameters

1.   .  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

2.     .BLOGGING

3.     SMM (Social Media Marketing)

4.     PPC (Pay Per Click)



And many more interesting topics are covered by digital marketing .

So the next question arise in your mind who are the people can start career in digital marketing surprisingly there is no such requirement of any high qualification thing is one should have basic knowledge of computer.

Hence, get your answer in detail just click on the link mentioned below. 


So what do u think what will be the duration of completing digital marketing course you may be thinking of a year or more than one year right, But what if I say its just 3 to 6 months course guys you have to believe it yes its short period of course with higher income compare to graduation you get after doing 3 to 4 years course (bcom,btech,etc).

So where u can learn about digital marketing ?

You have many options  where u can get digital marketing education. Many institutes are available across your city depends on where you belong to like in Ahmedabad ASDM (Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing) is top ranking institute of Ahmedabad which is also certified by GUJRAT UNIVERSITY.

ASDM institute is also available Surat and Vadodara

If you are admiring to join get a link below of ASDM institute.


So as of now the main question what will the income in digital marketing ?

I think  it  depends on how you explore your talent its like the way you give more time to your work more you will get to earn and learn too. Then also as starter you easily expect salary 15000 to 20000 in your hands  its all on you guys

You can proper view how much a digital marketer get paid link is below


So guys its time to end it here its still lot more to share with you all stay connect with us .

share your gmalid in the comment section so we can connect more

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top five places of maldives

1.hummerland island

It’s also the home of the velena international airports, which is the main gateway to these paradisiacal island for most

The hulhamale island most beautiful place in Maldives .many peapoles are visit for tour in Maldives hulhamale island

Hulhamale weather is very cool and clean so u also visit in Maldives


Sadly ravaged in the 2004 indian ocean tsunami, the place has been busy rebuilding its salt-washed fishing jetties and industrious sailor huts in the last decade 

Of course , you can expects gorgeous beaches baked with palms, lapping waves, and a cluch of homey little coffe shop on the shore


 Sat on the far northen reches of the haa alif atoll , itself the northernmost of all the Maldives island chains ,the beautiful site of utheemu holds a special place in the history of this archipelago nation

That’s because it was once the home of the reverd sultan mohmed thakurfaanu-the leader who’s credited with driving out Portuguese invaders from the isles in the late 16th century

4.Rangali island

Expect to get pampered in Kanuhura island, apart from its unparalleled beauty that baffles the visitors, it has a resort of the same name and it comes equipped with luxurious 5-star hotel decor and luxe amenities. Here, you can rejuvenate in the spa the resort provides as well as a private outdoor shower and a personal villa host. If you want to spend family time in fun activities, this island has various such things to do, like diving and snorkeling. You may as well as indulge you kids in a Kids Club where entertaining activities like beach volleyball, tennis, indoor games etc are made available.

5.whale submarine

Perhaps, this is one of the best things to do or experience with your kids while in Male, the capital island. Just so you don’t get confused by its name, Whale Submarine is not for viewing whales but observing life on a reef and it is a popular highlight in the island. This submarine will take you on an underwater tour, where you get to see colorful corals and beautiful marine species. A few species you get to see are reef fish, blue or yellow striped snappers, yellow box fish, lionfish and turtles as well. This 45 minute tour will provide knowledge to the kids and even elders who love marine species.

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7 Benefits of Digital learning

What is Digital learning?

Digital learning is any type of learning that is accompanied by technology or by instructional practice that makes effective use of technology. It encompasses the application of a wide spectrum of practices including: blended and virtual learning.

7 Benefits of Digital learning

  1.  Improves grasping power

Digital learning is highly interactive due to the collective use of sounds, videos, and words. The learner fully immerses in the assignment by listening, viewing and thinking of the subject.

2.Highly detailed



Digital presentations involve a practical and detailed approach. Students engage with the project on the screen and do not skip the little details.

3.Save Time


Learner finds completing their assignment on tabs and notepads easier than doing it with paper and pen. It also covers a large part of the subject in less time.



Ebooks help students improve their language skills. They grasp the vocabulary that is actually in use.

5.Open Learning


The learner can access the information from anywhere. Individual students can gain knowledge just on the basis of their capabilities and interests. This opens ways and reduces the limitations of education.

6.Distance learning


The digital methods are not the substitute of a teacher, instead, they are to aid the teacher. The teachers can connect to their students even from a great geographical distance. They can address the student’s queries.


7.Easily accessible

The days of borrowing books from the library are long gone. Now are the times of free and easy learning. The study material can be easily accessed on any gadget compatible with the software. Learners can revise at home also. If they miss out on something, they can download the material from the institute’s website

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7 Indoor plants- For every house and office desk.

Plants play a crucial role on this planet.  They are actually inverse in response i.e Inhales Carbon Dioxide and Exhales Oxygen which is one of fundamental for a sound climate. As pollution increment has cross radar and around 16 billion tress are chopped as the year progressed. Indoor plant can make not entire earth but rather atleast our encompassing minimal breathable and harmful free. Indoor pollution is unsafe to humanity. As indicated by NASA contemplates indoor plant clean 87 % of poison in 24 hrs.

Most indoor plant are low maintenance and simple to mind. Having them in office and home space lessens feeling of anxiety and tension by 15%. They are ideal approach to frill house.

Here are 7 indoor plants for each house and officework area. They make ideal space feel and look better. 

1.     Peace Lily

By improving indoor air quality by 60%, and its low maintenance make this plant ideal for indoor. All the lazy people out there who haven’t tried to grow plant this is one for you and give room wonderful intrigue. It needs to be water once a week and if your house doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight it can stay alive in dim light. It is ideal plant to keep in office, library or some shaded zone.

2.    Snake plant AKA Mother in law’s tongue

Snake plant durability makes an excellent choice for people who have not been successful in sustaining plant in the past due to lighting issue. Studies by NASA has demonstrated that it evacuate poison like formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and nitrogen oxides. Industry Places were chemical are utilized and produce will benefited by this indoor plant by keeping in office desk.

4.   Aloevera

This is a no-brainer indoor plant. For its medical properties, the Egyptians called it “plant of immorality”. Place aloevera plant in direct daylight and water it each fourteen day. Most of the Indians use beauty remedies in their DIY.

5.   Indian Basil

This is one of the indoor plants that can be found in every household in India. It requires daily watering and daylight, yet ensure you don’t keep in direct daylight or it can kill the plant. In antiquated time it was utilized as medicine on account of its Ayurvedic properties.

5. Azalea

They originate from the multitude of indoor crops “very little caring”.  It provides enormous pink bloom in spring providing an aesthetic impact at home. You have to water 2-3 time in watering for 2 months than diminish gradually. Shaded atmosphere for this indoor plant is ideal. The plantcan be burned by direct rays.

6. Money plant

Retains radiation, air purifier likewise diminishes stress level! It is an ideal indoor plant for contemporary households where all three are in great need. Keep this plant in moderate daylight and change water each multi week. Best part it doesn’t require watering as they develop in water.

7.  Dracaena Reflexa a.k.a. Song of India Plant

Retains radiation, air purifier likewise diminishes stress level! It is an ideal indoor plant for contemporary households where all three are in great need. Keep this plant in moderate daylight and change water each multi week. Best part it doesn’t require watering as they develop in water.

7.  Dracaena Reflexa a.k.a. Song of India Plant

In Greek is designated as “female Dragon”. This indoor plant will be able to resist some care negligence. It develops upto 3 foot and makes uncommon home style thing. Leaves must be kept hydrated by misting them with water. Semi-shaded territory is ideal spot for this indoor plant.

Share your experience with trying to grow plant in comment section. 

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Lose fat in 10 days: With very easy diet

If you are trying to lose fat or want to fit in that old jeans so now its time to do that.

It is not an easy task to lose weight in 10 days but we will help you with our little secrets and easy diet

Here is top 10 steps to reduce weight

1 .Everyday 20 min workout

Set out timer and start doing exercise . Studies suggests that people who workout in the morning are more slimmer and healthier than who does latter In the day. workouts like  Burpies ,Mountainclimbers ,Jumpingjacks,jumpropes these exercise are easy to learn and anybody can do it . So start your refreshing morning with these easy workout and begin your fatloss journey.

2 .Don’t weigh your self

Weighing our self is one of the biggest mistakes in fatloss goal

Because more often you weigh your self more often you disappoint your self

Weighing you self once a week is ideal . and ideally in the morning

Also, the scale can be deceiving as it ignores the fact that you might be adding muscle

3 .Don’t buy snaks

Don’t buy snaks means that don’t buy snaks that make yor fat loss goal jeopardise.  It’s a great idea to pack your own snack at work or on the go. You can pack sprouts ,chickpeas ,lentals , vegitablesoup , fruits , fat free yougurts , darkchocolate

,beans, spinach Drinking green tea from thurmus is also great thing cause it will keep you energetic an help you to reach the goal

4.Eat slowly

We all know this, but now put it in practice. You will be surprised how your portions will reduce and your food will be absorbed better. Eat in a state of complete relaxation for optimum absorption and digestion. Studies suggests that chewing food 32 times will make your food more digestive

5 make your meals at home

making your meals home will make you stay away from junk

and gives complete controles over ingridiants and micros

you can control you protins , carbohidrates ,fat ,oil ,suger and salts

by making your own meals will help you to reduce your weight by 20%

6 .Become watery


Your brain isn’t the only part of your body to feel the positive impact of staying hydrated.

Water aides in the removal of fat by-products and also helps you feel more full. Not only does this act as a natural appetite suppressant, but it can also improve your metabolism. 

Research on water helps in metabolic function is ongoing. But one thing is certain – you’re less likely to gain weight when you drink a couple glasses of water before a meal rather than eating the basket of bread. 

7 .dont find unhealthy food at home


junk food

it is impossible to resist temptation if it is sitting on your kitchen shelf. don’t eat evil food. No one in your family needs processed, unhealthy, packaged food.

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It doesn’t matter if you traveled to two countries or 20 inherent in the thrill of visiting a new places is a twinge of anxiety that you will royally eff something up. That you will draw undue attention to yourself. That you will be duped , swindled , taken for a ride. For a woman , especially a solo woman travelling alone , that anxious twinge can feel more like a tremor , magnified tenfold in countries where human rights , gender equality , and sexual tolerance might differ from back home. A woman on the road is always , to some disquieting degree , that she is a woman and outsider.

But some destinations , rather than hold you back , provide room to expand . These are the place where a solo woman can can soak up the stories from colourful sagacious locals and , in turn , return the own tales of their own.

THE BEST PLACES WHERE A SOLO WOMAN CAN TRAVELL ARE:                                                                                            


A sophisticated capital that’s most beautiful , and most rewarding , from behind handlebars. Most of what I know about Copenhagen , I learned on bicycle .The city is laid out to dissuade any other form of transit. Bike lanes are as orderly as any formal highway , with passing and merging laws , dedicated hand signal , and the constant drone of dinging bells.


A leight artists hub draws good food and good people under wide desert skies. It’s a six hour road trip from Austin , Zen like and therapeutic if you’re partial to long stretches of highway. This West Texas is near a whole lot of nothing , but that’s sort of the point. There’s that one parda store that’s actually a permanent art instillation , a non store frozen with shoes and handbags from 2005 in windows. For a solo woman who love to ride bike can get a bike on rent  to get around and make their way from Donald Judd’s foundation. For coffee or green juice , visit Frama at Tumbleweed Laundry and break for dinner at Stellina or Cochineal.



Just look at the goddess Athena or Odysseus wife Penelope Greek myths are known for their portrayals of bold and tenacious lionesses. Today’s Greek women continue to carry up that Olympic torch as , vivacious bon vivants who illuminate the true meaning of “work hard, play hard”. Despite Greece’s debt crises , women haven’t sacrificed fashion. In Athens and Thessaloniki restaurants and bars are still booming. A summer of island-hopping , and of drinking up marble sunsets and citrusy wine , can really teach a gal about relishing life to the fullest. Elder generation set a fine example. Go to the island of                                                                                                                       IKARIA , where locals drink , chain-smoke , and dance up a storm all the night. Greece is a place where a solo woman can move freely without any fear.



A next level of wonderland and pampering the cuteness , Seoul is the best appreciated. A solo woman can do 24 hours shopping trendy fashion , and spas that quite possibly offer the world’s best bang for your buck. My favourite is the ladies-only Spa Lei. Leave your modesty at the door , because getting nekkid is essential to enjoying Korea’s jjimjibang spa culture. There’s English speaking saleswomen will insist you’re Keira Knightley’s doppelganger , especially when you wear some special lipstick. With brightly lit streets packed with pedestrians at all hours , Seoul is quite safe by major global city standards.



Icelanders are coolly welcoming—“cold on the outside , warm on the inside”. A real plus of Iceland’s tourism boom is that a lot of women have becomr business owners. Toy might meet a cafe hustler , cooking , baking and bidding her husband to catch cod , or the 50-year old fulfilling her lifelong dream of running a restaurant , thanks to all the patronage of nearby waterfall. Iceland is overflowing with inspirational female success stories , underpinned by a progressive women’s rights movement that has helped it rank as the best country for the gender equality nine years in a row.


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How online shopping is a benefit for customers

Nowadays every person have smart phone and all are using internet recent in 2019 374 million people having a smart phone and 251 million internet users in rural India. So now people is most prefer online shopping because in easy way you get product.

Please find below some point why online shopping is important :

1. Easy get product:

At your door step you get your product online and some company is also give free delivery. And sitting at home you get your product easily and safely. And also time save and you also do some productive work.

2. Discount offer:

One of the best and big advantages of online shopping is offers in online shopping you get good offers and some offers are buy one get one free and all this type of benefits you get while you are purchase online.

3.In one online site you get all product:

 This is also a best benefit for online shopping you can get all type of product in one site and shirt, watches, hand phone ,helmet ,ETC.  You don’t go in one by one different shops just open your phone and go online you get good product in good price.

4. Easy to change product:

If you not like product then you can easily change and replace product without go anywhere. Some time you not like product or some think change in size or color so you can easily refund and replace the product.

5. Safe payment method:

Sometimes we are worried about our payment. If we are paying online and we don’t get product then and if we don’t like product and refund amount not get that type of question is arise but in some site that type of problem its happen and some site are given COD like when you get product then you give money and if you not like product then in seven days you get your amount.

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