Super 7 weight loss tips that will help shed extra kilos in 30 days!

The recent surveys from renowned universities of USA have shown that only about 15% of the people are successful in shedding those extra kilos. One of the prominent reasons which makes weight loss journey, a tough one, is the Plateau Effect. It is the phase where one puts all efforts, but desired weight loss is not achieved.

This article has come up with some proven and useful ways that will help you transform from fat to fit.

1) Watch for Weight Training

Weight Training will help you maintain high metabolism which is essential while you are on a long term diet. Make sure to have enough protein during these workout sessions.

2) Eat smartly

Caloric cycles are a smart way for tricking the body. 3 days a week, you should eat 1k calories, and the rest of the week, 1.2k to 1.5k calories. This smart way of intakes will create the needed deficit of calories; also will keep up in maintaining high metabolism.

3) Thumbs Up to Protein

Protein is essential for weight loss journey as it helps increasing metabolism. Fibrous food also aids to detoxify the body and flush out the toxins. Try minimizing carbohydrates and sugar intake as it makes body hungry.

4) Exercise Pattern

Change your workout routine every week. Exchange Pilates for yoga, swimming for cycling and so on. This will help training the new muscles that haven’t been in track. This will improve flexibility of body as well as improve metabolism.

5) Sleep Well

A proper scheduled sleep and healthy weight loss are co-related. Inadequate sleep may keep body stressed, which eventually makes body hungry, which is one of the reasons for gaining weight. So, no matter what, make sure to have adequate sleep routine.

6) No to Processed Foods

These evils can be very dangerous for health. There are numerous reasons why one should avoid processed foods. One of them is that they are high in sodium & sugar. They prompt overeating, which can make you FAT! Avoid packed food that claims to be “100% sugar free” kind of.

7) Drink plenty of Water

We know the magic that water can do to shed those extra kilos. Water being 100% calories free, can help lessen your appetite. Sugared drinks should be replaced by water. Try at least consuming 6-7 litres of water every day.

 So, that’s all, folks! Try these super easy and useful tips for a month and achieve your desired weight loss. Do share your experience of how these tips helped you, in the comment box right below. Thank You!

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heena’s beauty salon


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Top 6 destinations for SOLO-TRIPS in INDIA

Traveling alone brings you close to yourself by exploring the unknown about you. The best part of solo trips is that you can travel on your conditions, go anywhere, and meet new people. At the end, it also adds to your confidence level. Here are the best places to visit in India that no solo trip lover should miss.

#1 Zanskar Valley, Leh Ladak

Situated at an elevation of 13,154 above sea level and with an area of about 5000 sq. km it has got some really beautiful places to explore. May you go alone or with friends and family, you won’t be tired to enjoy your vacations here. It is between the two lakes and has a distinct flora-fauna then rest of India. Its weather makes it the best place to visit in India. The road trips on a two-wheeler are famous among the youngsters.

#2 Meghalaya

Known as Abode of Clouds, it mesmerizes you with its beautiful hills, valleys, lakes, caves, and waterfalls. People travel here from far to visit the famous Double-Decker Root bridge, Cherrapunjji. Click Here.

#3 Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

Surrounded by coniferous forest, it gives the visitors a minute of peace in laps of nature. It is a well-known Tibetan hub and a place worth to visit to explore more about Buddhism and Tibetan Culture.

#4 Majuli, Assam

It is World’s largest freshwater island. If you want to visit a pollution free place, then this is the place to visit. It’s unique and one of the best holiday destinations in India. The best thing about this place is that it holds the beauty of festivals and its vibrancy. Its main festival is RAAS, and it is an interesting spectacle to witness.

#5 Road trip at Kerala

A two weeks road trip at Kerala, go alone, hire/rent two-wheeler or four-wheeler. Places to include in your road trip route are: Tea Estates and hills at Munnar or Wayanad, Spice Plantations and wildlife at Thekkady, Backwaters, and houseboats at Kumarakom or Alleppey, Beaches at Varkala or Kovalam, and City life in Kochi, with a day trip to Athirappilly.

#6 Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

 It is situated along a river Parvati, and it is commonly known as Amsterdam of India. It has got a mesmerizing and scenic beauty to attract a lot of tourists, especially ones who are fond of treks and are nature lovers.

Don’t miss out on these 6 amazing places to visit in India which are full of adventure. Solo trips at places which are close to nature lets you loosen up and live to the fullest along with beautiful locations. Solo trips are must, at least for once in a lifetime.

Video courtesy to Prakriti Varshney, Wanderer Swatik, and Savory Tales. 

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8 Things to know before visiting Maldives in 2019

The tropical landscape, pristine white sand beaches, cobalt blue water, exotic resorts and the amazing underwater world make the Maldives a beach lovers paradise. No wonder, it attracts tourists from all over the world.


Maldives Location – the Maldives is a South Asian island country, located in the Indian Ocean, situated in the Arabian Sea –  southwest of Sri Lanka and India.  Spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometres, The Maldives consists of 11,92 coral islands grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls, making it one of the world’s most geographically dispersed countries.

 The capital city of Maldives – is Male. It’s also the most populated city.

The Local language –  is Dhivehi. You will be able to communicate in English.

1.       Best Season to Visit Maldives

The Maldives has a tropical climate all year round and ranges from 24-degree celsius to 33-degree Celsius with Sea temp around 28 degrees Celcius. 

There are two dominating seasons: a dry season and wet season.

The Dry Season – lasts from December-April (little rain and lower humidity) 

The Wet Season – lasts from May-November (characterized by stronger winds and rain)

The best time to travel to the Maldives – is from  December – April and It’s the busiest and most expensive period.

2.       Understanding Maldives Islands

Out of the nearly 11,92 islands within 26 different atolls, only about 200 are actually inhabited by people. The islands can be categorised into 4 groups

·         The Uninhabited Islands

          These are the untouched ones and nobody stays on these islands

·         Islands Inhabited by locals

           These are the islands where the locals stay and carry out their living hood. These islands do not allow tourist entries.

·         3  The locals Inhabited islands with guest houses

These are the ones where the locals stay and have their own guest houses which they rent out to the tourists. 

Staying at a Local Island – What to Expect

Budget Accommodation –

Staying on these islands is relatively cheaper and less expensive making them the best option for those travelling to the Maldives on a strict budget.

Rules to Follow –

If you plan to stay at any of the guesthouses at local islands in the Maldives, there are a few extremely important and strictly enforced rules that you need to follow.

Since Maldives is a Muslim country, there is no alcohol available.

Homosexuality is illegal 

Women are banned from wearing bathings suits or revealing clothes

Public displays of affection are against the law.

Even if you take a day trip to any local island, you’ll be expected to follow the local customs, particularly when concerning women’s attire. 

So you definitely need to take care of all these pointers to avoid getting into any trouble.

·         Private resort islands for tourists and staff  

Private Resort Island means a resort on its own private island. Staying at these resorts would mean moving off to a remote island in the middle of nowhere, where you can find lots of privacy.

Staying at a Private Island Resort – What to Expect

Private resort islands are the most preferred choice when it comes to spending a vacation at the Maldives. There are around 130 private island resorts in the Maldives and here is what you can expect from them.

No Strict Rules

The local island rules do not apply to Private resort islands.

-You are free to wear whatever you want without any restrictions.

-You can have alcohol and

-Roam around freely with your partner at the beach.

The size of the island and its remoteness create unique isolation from the rest of the world.

Luxury Accommodations

The resorts are known for their amazing beach bungalows and overwater villas that offer beautiful views of the sand and the ocean. The number of bungalows and cottages depends on the size of the island and how commercialised it is.

Leisure Activities

There are bars, swimming pools, restaurant, outdoor discos and various entertainment programs that will keep you engaged while you soak in the pristine beauty all around.


While you soak in the sun during the daytime, nightlife at these resorts is in full swing – so there is never a dull moment!

Private resort islands are EXPENSIVE!

All the privacy and luxury comes with a price which is absolutely reasonable. We need to understand that these islands are owned by individuals who do their best to create the most favourable atmosphere to satisfy the tourists.

These islands get the supplies from the mainland via ship which costs a lot. Besides, maintaining a perfectly clean beach, the bottom without sharp dead corals, well-maintained alleys and a lot of greenery with no litter at all, requires attention, care and money and you get what you pay for.

3.       How to Get to the Maldives

You first land at the Male International Airport. Depending on how far your private island resort is, you will be transferred to the island by seaplane, by a speedboat or by taking a domestic flight. 

·         Items banned from Entry

Before you even take a flight to Male you need to know about the items banned from entry.  Because the The Maldives is a strictly Muslim country, there are specific bans on some items you may bring into the Maldives. To avoid any hassle or confusion at the airport, don’t carry pork products, alcohol, tobacco and any religious texts to the Maldives.

·         Vaccination

You don’t need any special vaccinations to travel to the Maldives.

·         Visa

The Maldives follows Visa-on-arrival policy. So, visitors to the Maldives do not need to apply for a visa pre-arrival, regardless of their country of origin. Just make sure you have a valid passport, proof of onward travel, and money to be self-sufficient while in the country.

·         Flight to Male

Most visitors arrive at Malé International Airport, on Hulhulé Island, adjacent to the capital Malé. The airport is served by flights to and from India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Dubai,  Istanbul, and major airports in South-East Asia, as well as charters from Europe. British Airways offers direct flights to the Maldives around 2–3 times per week.

4.       Maldives Airport Arrival Guide

Following Maldives airport arrival guide will help you in a hassle-free entry into the country.

·         Currency / ATM

Maldivian currency is Rufiyaa(MVR), but tourists can pay in dollars and by credit cards. You will find ATM and currency exchange counters at the airport itself but you may not need local currency.

·         Immigration Formalities

The moment you land at the airport, you will walk straight towards the immigration desk where you will find tourists already lined up. Pick up

Maldives immigration arrival cards available at the entrance of the room and fill in the required information before queuing up. 1 card for each tourist.

Present the card to the officer at the desk and get the visa stamped on your passports – that is valid for 30 days.

Next, you will have to go through customs clearance – which basically means scanning of the handbags that you are carrying.

·         How to Get to your Resort / Hotel from Male Airport

On walking down further, you will come across a number of counters representing a particular resort with a hotel representative. Locate your  Private Island Resort counter and present your booking confirmation.

Now, depending on how far your resort is from Male International Airport,  the representative will transfer you to the island by either a seaplane, by a speedboat or by taking a domestic flight.

5.       What to Expect in the Maldives

The Maldives is a land of dreams. It’s difficult to pen down its beauty in words we will still try our best.

·         Stunning Views

The white-sand beaches, the various shades of blue that make up the shallows and depths of the surrounding water, the stunning view from your luxury villa as the sun rises and sunsets over the Indian Ocean are the wonders that will leave you awestruck.

·         Tropical Climate

The Maldives has a tropical climate all year round and ranges from 24-degree celsius to 33-degree celsius.  If you are a water baby, then taking a dip in the ocean will be a bliss. With  Sea temperature around 28-degree celsius, you can swim in the ocean for hours

·         Frequent Sightings

The frequent sightings of baby sharks, colourful fishes and even stingrays near the shallow lagoon come as a pleasant surprise and an amazing experience. Besides, you will always find seagulls either flying over or taking a gentle stroll along the shoreline.

·         Food

Most of the resorts offer a variety of food options to choose from especially for non-vegetarians. However, if you don’t eat non-vegetarian food, then it will be best to not book a full-board/half-board meal plan due to limited Vegetarian foods options.

·         Water Activities

The Maldives boasts a number of water activities, both underwater (such as snorkelling and diving) and in water (such as water motorcycle, boating, surfing, sailing and more) Private island resorts charge a huge amount for each activity. So be prepared.

(1)    Skin Rashes

Skin rashes might be a concern while venturing into the ocean – that totally depends upon physical contact with some algae or corals. So it’s good to wear skinsuit.

(2)    Snorkeling

Most of the corals in the region are now dead. So it might be really difficult to get a sighting of thriving live corals, especially during snorkelling. However, you will for sure come across a number of colourful fishes in all sizes swimming around you.

It’s recommended to carry your own snorkel gears – not only because of hygiene reasons but to also save a good amount of money since most of the resorts rent out snorkel gears for a huge price. The choice is yours.

(3) Diving

The Maldives has some amazing diving sites where one can explore the underwater world. These are usually very high priced. So, just ask about the packages from your resort desk.

6.       Payment at the Resorts

Banks or ATMs do not exist in some islands. Payment with the card can be made at the resorts. However, It’s’ a good idea to bring some extra cash as well.

                 How Expensive is the Maldives

One can travel to the Maldives on a strict budget by staying in a guesthouse at any local island or can spend lavishly by picking accommodation at a private island resort. The cost will further add up with the number of excursions, water sports, food & beverages etc.

7.       Things to Carry

Snorkelling gears

Life jacket(if you think you need it)

Ear Plugs

Beach Shorts


Beach cover-ups

Cotton T-shirts

Soft breezy clothes

A mini first-aid kit


Beach Hat

Beach bag


Washing detergent

8.       Departures – Things to Watch out for

Transfers from resorts back to Male airport are generally organized with an extra window of time for the purpose of preventing you to miss your flight. Transfers can be at Sunrise even if your International flight is much later in the afternoon.

Similarly, if your departure flight is late in the night, you might have to leave your resort in the afternoon and stay several hours at the airport.

All transfers are confirmed one night before your departure.  Resorts receive the final list after 8:00 pm. So check the resort desk a night before.

With the above information in mind opt for the best possible choice for your Maldives Trip and plan it accordingly. We tried to cover all the important information in this video. However, if you think we have missed any vital information, please feel free to share it in the comments section of the video. It will be of great help to fellow tourists.

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5 Best Places to Visit in Australia

Located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Australia is the world’s largest island and its smallest continent. There’s room to move in the Land Down Under, and with so many sights to discover and enjoy, there’s a great incentive to go on a walkabout adventure. Whether exploring the traditional lifestyle of the nation’s Aboriginal people, relaxing on a sun-kissed beach or reveling the night away in a city hot spot, Australia has something special to offer every visitor.

5. Perth

The capital of Western Australia, Perth is very isolated from the rest of the country, yet is routinely considered one of the most livable cities in the world thanks to its laidback vibe, fantastic cultural sites, and range of services on offer. A youthful place, Perth is nearly always bathed in sunshine and its stunning beaches are perfect for kicking back and relaxing on. Away from the beach, there are lots of outdoor activities for you to enjoy. There are loads of fantastic museums on offer as well as some great shopping options in this city of nearly two million people. With a huge of variety of bars, cafes and restaurants, isolated Perth is the perfect gateway to the rest of the west.

4. Brisbane

A popular tourist destination, Brisbane is a lively, dynamic place that is bathed in beautiful sunshine year-round. It has a population of about 2 million people, making it the third-largest city in Australia, after Sydney and Melbourne. Located in the Sunshine State, many visitors stop by on their way to the fantastic resorts and beaches that lie to its north and south. Set alongside the Brisbane River, the city’s fantastic climate means that outdoor activities are very popular here; you can take your pick from a huge catalog, with biking, climbing, and hiking featuring prominently. A fun and friendly city, Brisbane’s vibrant music scene has made it one of the music capitals of the world and there are lots of venues in town where you can enjoy a great show. With loads of brilliant restaurants and bars for you to choose from, Brisbane is not to be missed.

3. Melbourne

Second only to Sydney, Melbourne is a cool, cosmopolitan city that is considered by many to be Australia’s capital of culture. With lots of great art galleries, some fantastic museums, and a lively music scene, there is always something to see or do in the country’s second largest city. Due to its high quality of life, citizens from around the world have flocked to the streets. Its multicultural population is reflected in the delicious cuisine on offer and the unique neighborhoods that make it such a fascinating place to explore. With a European feel about it thanks to the architecture on show, wandering around the city’s streets and numerous green spaces will inevitably make you fall in love with Melbourne.

2. Tasmania

The island state of Tasmania may be isolated from the rest of the country but it still remains one of the best places to visit in Australia; almost half of its area is protected as the government looks to preserve the natural riches. With desolate wilderness and alpine plateaus interspersed with stunning white beaches, waterfalls, and forests, exploring its terrain is simply mesmerizing. Taking a boat trip along its craggy coast is equally rewarding and you can even see dolphins, penguins, and seals along the way. With lots of great local produce on offer, eating and drinking in the capital city of Hobart is an absolute pleasure and the restaurants and bars are divine. On top of all this, the island hosts an eclectic range of great festivals throughout the year, where you can enjoy local beer and wine or arts and music events.

1. Sydney

Almost picture perfect, Sydney is a fantastic city with a lot going for it. A modern city with a long history, Sydney is defined by its scenic harbor. The region’s first inhabitants lived along the harbor’s bank for thousands of years. The harbor was also the landing site for convicts sent to Australia during the 1780s. Today, ferries take visitors for cruises under the famed Sydney Harbor Bridge and past the iconic Sydney Opera House.

While those famous landmarks are the undoubted highlights, the city has much more to offer. With lots of museums, theaters and cinemas dotted about town, Sydney’s thriving cultural scene means that there is always something to see and do. As such, the city is great to live in and the fantastic beaches on offer only add to its attractiveness. The beautiful Bondi Beach is a must-see when visiting Sydney. Outdoor activities play a large role in Australian culture. Surrounding the city, there are a number of brilliant national parks for visitors and locals alike to enjoy, as well as some interesting and educational historical sites. A fun and energetic city with a lot going for it; Sydney is without a doubt one of the most popular destinations in Australia.

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Among India’s Top 3 Trusted Brand: LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) of India

Zindgi ke Saath bhi, Zindagi ke Bad bhi

An Insurance is a contract between an individual and the insurance company wherein an individual gets compensation against the losses from an insurance company. The insurance companies work by collecting small amounts of money from its clients and funds that money together to pay for damages. The truth about an insurance is “the older you get, the more it costs” so always be ready to take a quick decision & “Save for your Future”


LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) is one of it, an Indian government-owned corporation. It’s Among India’s Top 3 Trusted Brand in 2019 and No. 1 in the Insurance Field. LIC has different insurance plan according to people’s need like below it’s listed:

  • Moneyback Plan
  • Endowment Plan
  • Children Plan
  • Term Plan 
  • Pension Plan
  • Wholelife Plan
  • Health Plan

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5 Best food trucks in Ahmedabad

“Food Porn” it’s quite a word that people have been living around with in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad has been excelling for their rooftop restaurants, the fancy places, but moreover it is being known for the food trucks, the food junctions that have been opened up recently. Now a days Ahmedabad has been quite popular because of the food trucks that have opened in the past 2-3 years. 

Most of which these food parks are opened at the posh area known as Sardar patel Ring road. They provide an option of non-veg and vegetarian options. Food trucks have evolved the idea of being together and having food. Food trucks have turned around the idea of eating mannerly to eating with having fun, being in a sophisticated restaurant to being in an open area. 

Ahmedabad has opened up a lot of food truck places the 5 most top places being Urban Chowk, SBR social, Food Junction (rajpath club), Food battalion and Baap No Bagicho. 


Urban Chowk 

Urban Chowk is the baby project to the aspiring individuals who wanted to give Ahmedabad a place where they can spend quality time with their near and dear ones. Their passion towards good food and rooted bonding moral stimulated the whole idea. This place opens at 7pm and is open till 12 in the night. They keep live music on few days to entertain people. They have collaborated with a lot of food partners and have a variety food items that they offer. 


SBR Socials 

They got an interesting aspect I their park. They had seating arrangements that where named by the social media that we use such us snapchat Instagram and Facebook. This place is also a really an environment friendly place. They have live music to engage their customers and they are partnered with Just live that serves Mexican and pure beans and cream which serves best coffee. Socials has got a variety of foods as well.  This is located on Sindhu Bhavan Road.

Food Junction (Rajpath)

This was one of the earliest parks to open up in Ahmedabad. Food park allowed people who were new to the food business to enter and explore themselves and turned out to be amazing as well. There is this lady who sells amazing cheese pull apart garlic bread. And they have stick waffles and potato twisters. They don’t have live music and its just a normal food park.

Baap No Bagicho 

This is located on shilaj circle on s.p.ring road. Many users feel that this is best among all in terms of ambience. This serve only vegetarian food as of now. They are open upto 2 am and they have a garage feeling and it gives people a new feeling. Its full of light and a lot of good vibes. They serve Chai, coffee and Maska bun, are the few special things they provide.

Food Battalion 

This park is on the way from Bopal to karnavati club. Theme is based on army. It has lot of varieties food and seating arrangement available. This has special band on weekend to perform live music.

Click here to know more about Ahmedabad Food Trucks!

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Aroma diffusers are excellent tools to get beneficial essential oils into the air, where their effects can be felt. They have long been used in aromatherapy treatments as they help to cleanse the air and promote soothing feelings in the environment. Although they are usually used for either aesthetic or therapeutic purpose, they also boast some amazing health benefits!

Reasons to Use an Aroma Diffuser

Using an essential oil diffuser allows you to access all the benefits of essential oils, unlike heating oil’s in candle or wax warmers. In fact, applying heat to essential oils can actually denature many of the most important chemicals and compounds, so you are essentially just diffusing the oils for scent, and not for the more beneficial aspects.


Benefits of Aroma Diffuser

Promotes Good Sleep

Many Aroma diffusers can promote neurotransmitter activity in your brain, and stimulate a release of the hormones, leading to restful and uninterrupted sleep. 

Improves Respiratory Health

Inhaling Aroma diffuser can improve inflammation in the respiratory tracts, boost immune health, and help eliminate colds and coughs. 

Eliminates Odor

A room or home that smells musty, stale or smoky can easily be remedied by diffusing orange, bergamot or lemongrass oils

Elevates Mood

Aroma Diffuser has the power to eliminate sadness and depression by brightening your mood. You can also set a romantic dinner date by simply turning on the diffuser.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Many people diffuse Aroma diffuser to reduce anxiety and promote calmness of body and mind, particularly, oils like lavender, frankincense, neroli, and chamomile. 

Increases Energy

If you regularly feel fatigued or lacking energy, certain oils, such as grapefruit, cinnamon, lemon, and orange are great for giving you a critical boost to energy and mood.

Boosts Immune System

Many Aroma Diffuser have antibacterial and antiviral effects, which can help protect your immune system once they are inhaled.  Immune-boosting oils include lemon, tea tree, peppermint, clove, and camphor.

Creates a Healthy Environment

Airborne bacteria can be very dangerous, but if you diffuse the right oils, you can create an antiviral and antibacterial environment in the home that keeps you and your family health

Boosts Memory & Concentration

You can improve memory, cognitive function, and focus on diffusing oils like rosemary, basil, spearmint, lemongrass, and tangerine. 

Pain Relief

Another use of an Aroma diffuser is a pain reliever. It gives relief from headaches, sinus, joint pain, or pain arising from overworked muscles.

Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

  • Heat Diffuser – A heat diffuser heats the essential oil, causing it to evaporate, releasing the aroma of the oil into the air.
  • Fan Diffuser – A fan diffuser doesn’t rely on heat, but rather moves air across a wick or absorbent surface that contains the essential oil.
  • Evaporative Diffuser – In a similar way, evaporative diffusers allow the essential oil to be exposed to the air, and thus slowly evaporate.
  • Nebulizing Diffuser – Widely considered the best option for essential oil diffusers, Nebulizing diffusers use cold, pressurized air to force essential oil molecules into an atomizer.
  • Ultrasonic Diffuser – This type of essential oil diffuser creates small vibrations within a combination of water and essential oil, which causes a fine mist to be released into the air, where it can be inhaled and improve the aroma of a room.

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WHY ONE SHOULD CHOOSE DIGITAL MARKETING …? If u are curious to know then read below…

So what is digital marketing? a basic question running in your mind right now lets see what it is …


If u want to know exact definition in detail go and check the link below.

What is future of digital marketing in India?

Internet population is growing very fast in India. This new age digital consumers wants to know everything about products, services and brand before they make purchase decision.

Companies who are still using traditional marketing have started moving towards digital marketing, but due to limited knowledge of digital marketing and how to use digital platforms, their current staff is unable to go digital.

This is major reason why companies are hiring digital marketing experts to take care of their digital marketing projects.

Now digital marketing has become a next big career in India

Gone are the days when marketing using TV and Print ad was generating business. Now Digital Marketing has changed the game. Digital marketing is becoming next big career opportunity very soon.

 So Digital marketing is not a trending, but it can make others in trending list. So the question is how it is possible?

Digital marketing works on many parameters

1.   .  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

2.     .BLOGGING

3.     SMM (Social Media Marketing)

4.     PPC (Pay Per Click)



And many more interesting topics are covered by digital marketing .

So the next question arise in your mind who are the people can start career in digital marketing surprisingly there is no such requirement of any high qualification thing is one should have basic knowledge of computer.

Hence, get your answer in detail just click on the link mentioned below.

So what do u think what will be the duration of completing digital marketing course you may be thinking of a year or more than one year right, But what if I say its just 3 to 6 months course guys you have to believe it yes its short period of course with higher income compare to graduation you get after doing 3 to 4 years course (bcom,btech,etc).

So where u can learn about digital marketing ?

You have many options  where u can get digital marketing education. Many institutes are available across your city depends on where you belong to like in Ahmedabad ASDM (Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing) is top ranking institute of Ahmedabad which is also certified by GUJRAT UNIVERSITY.

ASDM institute is also available Surat and Vadodara

If you are admiring to join get a link below of ASDM institute.

So as of now the main question what will the income in digital marketing ?

I think  it  depends on how you explore your talent its like the way you give more time to your work more you will get to earn and learn too. Then also as starter you easily expect salary 15000 to 20000 in your hands  its all on you guys

You can proper view how much a digital marketer get paid link is below

So guys its time to end it here its still lot more to share with you all stay connect with us .

share your gmalid in the comment section so we can connect more

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top five places of maldives

1.hummerland island

It’s also the home of the velena international airports, which is the main gateway to these paradisiacal island for most

The hulhamale island most beautiful place in Maldives .many peapoles are visit for tour in Maldives hulhamale island

Hulhamale weather is very cool and clean so u also visit in Maldives


Sadly ravaged in the 2004 indian ocean tsunami, the place has been busy rebuilding its salt-washed fishing jetties and industrious sailor huts in the last decade 

Of course , you can expects gorgeous beaches baked with palms, lapping waves, and a cluch of homey little coffe shop on the shore


 Sat on the far northen reches of the haa alif atoll , itself the northernmost of all the Maldives island chains ,the beautiful site of utheemu holds a special place in the history of this archipelago nation

That’s because it was once the home of the reverd sultan mohmed thakurfaanu-the leader who’s credited with driving out Portuguese invaders from the isles in the late 16th century

4.Rangali island

Expect to get pampered in Kanuhura island, apart from its unparalleled beauty that baffles the visitors, it has a resort of the same name and it comes equipped with luxurious 5-star hotel decor and luxe amenities. Here, you can rejuvenate in the spa the resort provides as well as a private outdoor shower and a personal villa host. If you want to spend family time in fun activities, this island has various such things to do, like diving and snorkeling. You may as well as indulge you kids in a Kids Club where entertaining activities like beach volleyball, tennis, indoor games etc are made available.

5.whale submarine

Perhaps, this is one of the best things to do or experience with your kids while in Male, the capital island. Just so you don’t get confused by its name, Whale Submarine is not for viewing whales but observing life on a reef and it is a popular highlight in the island. This submarine will take you on an underwater tour, where you get to see colorful corals and beautiful marine species. A few species you get to see are reef fish, blue or yellow striped snappers, yellow box fish, lionfish and turtles as well. This 45 minute tour will provide knowledge to the kids and even elders who love marine species.

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