5 Best food trucks in Ahmedabad


“Food Porn” it’s quite a word that people have been living around with in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad has been excelling for their rooftop restaurants, the fancy places, but moreover it is being known for the food trucks, the food junctions that have been opened up recently. Now a days Ahmedabad has been quite popular because of the food trucks that have opened in the past 2-3 years. 

Most of which these food parks are opened at the posh area known as Sardar patel Ring road. They provide an option of non-veg and vegetarian options. Food trucks have evolved the idea of being together and having food. Food trucks have turned around the idea of eating mannerly to eating with having fun, being in a sophisticated restaurant to being in an open area. 

Ahmedabad has opened up a lot of food truck places the 5 most top places being Urban Chowk, SBR social, Food Junction (rajpath club), Food battalion and Baap No Bagicho. 


Urban Chowk 

Urban Chowk is the baby project to the aspiring individuals who wanted to give Ahmedabad a place where they can spend quality time with their near and dear ones. Their passion towards good food and rooted bonding moral stimulated the whole idea. This place opens at 7pm and is open till 12 in the night. They keep live music on few days to entertain people. They have collaborated with a lot of food partners and have a variety food items that they offer. 


SBR Socials 

They got an interesting aspect I their park. They had seating arrangements that where named by the social media that we use such us snapchat Instagram and Facebook. This place is also a really an environment friendly place. They have live music to engage their customers and they are partnered with Just live that serves Mexican and pure beans and cream which serves best coffee. Socials has got a variety of foods as well.  This is located on Sindhu Bhavan Road.


Food Junction (Rajpath)

This was one of the earliest parks to open up in Ahmedabad. Food park allowed people who were new to the food business to enter and explore themselves and turned out to be amazing as well. There is this lady who sells amazing cheese pull apart garlic bread. And they have stick waffles and potato twisters. They don’t have live music and its just a normal food park.


Baap No Bagicho 

This is located on shilaj circle on s.p.ring road. Many users feel that this is best among all in terms of ambience. This serve only vegetarian food as of now. They are open upto 2 am and they have a garage feeling and it gives people a new feeling. Its full of light and a lot of good vibes. They serve Chai, coffee and Maska bun, are the few special things they provide. 


Food Battalion 

This park is on the way from Bopal to karnavati club. Theme is based on army. It has lot of varieties food and seating arrangement available. This has special band on weekend to perform live music.

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