6 Tips for Purchasing Baby/Kids Clothes


Parents always gets excited for buying clothes for their little ones. They dream of it since the good news arrived in their life. They get attract by seeing fancy and stylish outfits and tempt to buy for making their kids super cute. But you must take some consideration note for purchasing clothes so that it may not hurt their sensitive skin and enjoy their childhood days actively.

1. Easy to wash:

Children easily dirty their clothes by burping, spit up, poop. A number of times we have to change and clean their clothes. By hand wash, it can be time consuming so choose for machine wash label clothes. Keep number of pairs so you don’t need to rush for cleaning clothes.

2. Easy to wear/ Comfortable:

At home, prefer to wear two-piece clothes, as they can be easily put on and take off while changing the diapers or top wear because of burping.. As one-piece clothes are little bit tight can be opt for outing. Clothes must be stretchable and loose for their movements like rolling, crawling. No loose buttons or sharp zippers can be hurt baby’s soft skin. Labels put on clothes must not be stinging. Neck area should be wide enough for easy wearing.

3. Fabric selection:

The skin of your baby is super soft and sensitive, for them the quality of clothes is more important. 100% Cotton cloth is recommended. Fancy frocks/gowns are mostly layering so make sure it would be cotton fabric inside the dresses that touch your baby skin.

4. Buy one size large:

There are varieties of clothes available in market but don’t go overbuy it by one size clothes. Your baby is growing by overnight so there may be chance of some of them they can’t wear it. Buy according to your child’s weight and height not by age because every child’s structure is different in same age. So that buy one size larger clothes and limited, further you can rollout pants and tuck tops for current use.

5. According to season:

In rainy season prefer full sleeves clothes to protect from mosquitoes biting. You can use mosquitoes repellent also, whichever is available in market.

In summer, you can opt either full or half sleeves according to your comfort level but in cotton fabric. Take summer hats for protect baby from direct expose to sun.

In winter go for soft woolen full sleeves clothes. Winter caps must not be too much tight have some space for air. Keep a layer of cotton in between woolen and baby skin. Never forget to buy socks as they are very helpful to maintain body temperature.

6. Budget friendly:

There is nothing like only branded clothes are comfortable as they are for long lasting. In case of babies, after every 3-4 months clothes gets tight and you have to purchase another pair of clothes. So don’t stock too much clothes in advance. You can go and buy at local store or road side market but make sure you keep this tips in mind while purchasing because by searching you can get better option also.

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