Super 7 weight loss tips that will help shed extra kilos in 30 days!

The recent surveys from renowned universities of USA have shown that only about 15% of the people are successful in shedding those extra kilos. One of the prominent reasons which makes weight loss journey, a tough one, is the Plateau Effect. It is the phase where one puts all efforts, but desired weight loss is not achieved.

This article has come up with some proven and useful ways that will help you transform from fat to fit.

1) Watch for Weight Training

Weight Training will help you maintain high metabolism which is essential while you are on a long term diet. Make sure to have enough protein during these workout sessions.

2) Eat smartly

Caloric cycles are a smart way for tricking the body. 3 days a week, you should eat 1k calories, and the rest of the week, 1.2k to 1.5k calories. This smart way of intakes will create the needed deficit of calories; also will keep up in maintaining high metabolism.

3) Thumbs Up to Protein

Protein is essential for weight loss journey as it helps increasing metabolism. Fibrous food also aids to detoxify the body and flush out the toxins. Try minimizing carbohydrates and sugar intake as it makes body hungry.

4) Exercise Pattern

Change your workout routine every week. Exchange Pilates for yoga, swimming for cycling and so on. This will help training the new muscles that haven’t been in track. This will improve flexibility of body as well as improve metabolism.

5) Sleep Well

A proper scheduled sleep and healthy weight loss are co-related. Inadequate sleep may keep body stressed, which eventually makes body hungry, which is one of the reasons for gaining weight. So, no matter what, make sure to have adequate sleep routine.

6) No to Processed Foods

These evils can be very dangerous for health. There are numerous reasons why one should avoid processed foods. One of them is that they are high in sodium & sugar. They prompt overeating, which can make you FAT! Avoid packed food that claims to be “100% sugar free” kind of.

7) Drink plenty of Water

We know the magic that water can do to shed those extra kilos. Water being 100% calories free, can help lessen your appetite. Sugared drinks should be replaced by water. Try at least consuming 6-7 litres of water every day.

 So, that’s all, folks! Try these super easy and useful tips for a month and achieve your desired weight loss. Do share your experience of how these tips helped you, in the comment box right below. Thank You!

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