4 ways to create a purposeful life you want

We see people around us who lacks a fulfilling and purposefullife they want to achieve. I hear people saying, my life is a waste without meaning and I want a purpose to pave that waste. People with family problems, relationship problems, and current job problems, all complain about a purposeful life they want. I want to share you a secret, and that is, the key to real change or to add a purpose in your life happens only through immersive experiences. So I am going to share the most effective ways to create a life you want to achieve        

1.                     Make peace with your past-How many times have you seen your past come back up in surprising situations? How many of us had ever experience this? I think a lot of us, because whenever we try to do something new, our past mistakes on that particular situation pops in our mind. And that past could have been failing in exams, or something someone said to us and whatever it maybe there is something in our past which is holding us back. So this is why we need to make a peace with our past. A wise man once told me the past is good for 2 things that is to learn from it and to remember the good memories

 2.                   Master your priorities-If you want to gain most out of our life, you should master your priorities. Remember this, if you are not busy making your plans, someone will keep you busy making their plans. There is no harm working with and for the right people, but we all have to figure our priorities. How many of you have ever had feel that experience in life, that you are living someone else plans? So mastering and focusing on your priorities shows our successful and fulfilling life

3.                     Meditation day- The French mathematician Pascal wrote ‘All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone. Mediation in the morning  not only helps in concentration, but it rejuvenates your body and you feel fresh all day. Daily meditation will provide you with deeper thoughts and purposeful thoughts which you need. Just close your eyes for 20 minutes and think about your potential powers and what can I do to get most in my life, and you will definitely find your purpose       

4.                  Find a coach- One of the most effective way to improve your personal and professional effectiveness and to rise your level is to find a mentor to coach you. A personal coach can illuminate your path, encourage you when times get tough and shave years off your learning curve. In my own life I have been blessed with many mentors who helped me and guided me in right directions when I reached a crossroad

 Don’t miss this 4 powerful ways to create the life you want and if you apply this rules, trust me everything which I suggested above is practical, and is action based and applicable, so you can apply them straight away and can see exponential results in your broken life

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Benefits of Pranic breathing

New Article coming soon..

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3 IMP Benefits of Toner Cartridge Refilling

The printer is one of the most important accessories used in many commercial businesses. Toner is the most expensive part of the printer.

Toner Cartridge refilling is the practice of refilling empty laser printer toner cartridges with new toner powder. This enables the cartridge to be reused, saving the cost of a complete new cartridge and the impact of the waste and disposal of the old one.

Nowadays refill toner cartridges have become more popular as compared to buying a new one as it offers tremendous advantages, some of these are:

#1 Environment-friendly

Refills cartridges are considered to be environmentally friendly & you actually help the environment by reducing the amount of garbage that goes into landfills each day by refilling your printer cartridge instead of throwing it away and buying a new one. Keep in mind that the majority of printer ink cartridges nowadays are constructed of non-biodegradable materials such as plaster.

#2 Time-Saving

There is good money to be saved by taking your empty printer cartridge and getting it refilled instead of buying a new one. In the majority of cases, you can save as much as 70% of the price of it if you choose to refill them instead of purchasing new ones. Rather than shopping new toners cartridge, it is worthwhile to utilize the refilling services and also process is very easy and quick.


#3 Cost-effective

The printer refills are generally cost effective i.e. cheaper than buying new cartridges which is very costly to finance around the world to manage, especially when the world is in a financial crisis today. However, with refill kits printer, you can save up to 80% of their total costs.

Take a look on how to refill toner cartridge

In addition, The page yield and print quality will equal that of the original brand.

If used correctly, printer toner refills can provide you with substantial savings. On top of being environmentally friendly, they save your time and money whilst maintaining exceptional print quality.

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Top 6 Haunted places in Mumbai!!!

You may have heard scary stories from your grandparents or in movies. They can be really unbelievable, and you can’t get them out of your mind. Are any of them true? Well, we’ll maybe never know, but they commonly involve ghosts haunting houses, buildings or even entire streets.

 I always had the opinion that haunted houses are the ones in the silent areas, smaller or under-visited cities, but who would have thought of Mumbai – the financial capital, the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps to be having some of the most haunted places in India. I wasn’t the biggest believer of the paranormal, until I heard about these scary places and the frightening stories associated with them. Read on, you might just start believing in it too.

I will tell you about the 7 haunted places in Mumbai that you should avoid going to after the sunset.

  •    Marve and madh island road

People traveling on the road have seen a girl dressed in bridal wear asking for help. The unsatisfied spirit is said to roam on the road and stop the vehicles passing by. According to these stories, some years ago, a girl was brutally killed on her wedding night and dumped in the adjoining mangrove forests. Since then, people have reported the sighting on many occasions.

  •    Nasserwanj Wadi

Located in close proximity to Mahim Station, Nasserwanj Wadi is another spooky place in Mumbai. An old compound, it once belonged to a Parsi man named Nasser. About two decades ago, he was brutally murdered and buried near a well in the area. Resident staying here has often seen Nasser, or his spirit, walking around in the premises of the compound. Even the picture above gives a very strange feeling!

  • poonam chambers

The bomb blast of 1993 and the collapse of B-Wing in 1997 are the two unnatural incidents that happened in Poonam Chambers in Worli. Both incidents saw many casualties. People working in late night shifts and the security guards have, ever since, complained of sounds of door rattle and knocks in the B-Wing. It is certainly scary and many workers just refuse to stay back at work these days. And what else can one expect when they are working at one of the most haunted places in Mumbai!

  •    Mumbai high court, fort

A High Court is the most unlikely candidate for a haunting, however believe it or not people have said that they have felt the presence of a male spirit at the Bombay high court. The spirit is said to be that of a lawyer who practiced here years ago. The spirit seems to haunt one particular court and also sometimes scares convicts, so much so that they often confess of their crimes. People also have heard demonic voices from the very same court

  • snDt girls college

One of the most well-known colleges of Mumbai, SNDT Girls College comes with its own secrets. It is said that everyday around 2 a.m. a woman is heard teaching multiplication tables. After she has finish teaching, sounds of children screaming can be heard. The scream would often be heard by nearby residents who would wonder what was happening at the college so late night. People today call this ‘the phantom classroom’. This is one of the most famous haunted places in Mumbai.

  •     Tower of silence

Located at Malabar Hill, Tower of Silence is the place for the Parsis. The community leaves the dead bodies here to be consumed by vultures before their final journey to heaven. One of the prime haunted places in Mumbai, it’s an extremely demoralizing place with dead bodies lying in queue. The bad smell and the uncanny quiet ambience add to the spookiness.

Mumbai is relatively safe at night. However, there are a few sections that I advise you to stay away from, such as the ones mentioned above. Whether this is just rumor or really haunted places in Mumbai, I don’t really want to find out. Though if you dare to know more, visit these places (at your own risk) and let me know the outcome in the comments below. 

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six ways to reach out to your target audience through use of digital marketing







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6 steps for Attitude change

The Greatest Discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by alteribg their attitudes of mind

• can student be a good student without a good attitude? Can a teacher’s, parent’s, salesperson be ggod in their roles without good attitude
• see your attitude towards ur life and ask urself if your attitude will affect your goals

6 top steps for attitude change

Change focus, look for the positive

You need to become a seeker of good, you need to focus on the positive in your life start looking for what is right in a person or situation instead of looking for what is wrong. Because of our Conditioning, most of us are soo attuned to finding fault and looking for what is wrong that often forget to see the postive picture

step 2
 make a habit of doing it now

He slept beneath the moon
 He basked beneath the sun
 He lived a life of going to do
 And died with nothing done-written by
 James AlberyWe all have this habit that we will soo later but habit of procrastination fatigues you more than the effort it takes to do it
A complete task is fulfilling and energizing an incomplete task drains energyIf u want to build and maintain a positive attitude, get into the habit of living in the present and doing it nowLive in the present
 Life is not a dress rehearsal don’t care what philosophy says
You believe in what have got only one shot at this game called life, the stakes are to high to waste your life

If u built a positive attitude, learn the phrase ” Do it now”
And stop the habit of procrastination
 When time is gone people say:
 √ ‘it might have been”
 √ ‘I should have”
 √ ” I could have “
 √ “I wish I had
 √ ” If only I had given a tittle extra “

“Never leave till tomorrow, which you can do today

Step 3

Knowledge is not power

We often. Told. That knowledge is power not really knowledge is information it potential power and it becomes power only when it is acted upon
What is different between between a person who cannot read and a person who can, but does not read
Knowledge is potential power;wisdom is released powerOur minds are like muscles, stretch or shrink it all depends on how tittle we exercise them

Step 4
Build a positive self -esteem

What is self-esteem?
 Self esteem is the way we feel about ourselves when we feel good within, our performance goes up and our relationship improve both at home and at work then world looks nicer what could be the reason? Because there are direct correlation between our felling and behavior

Step 5
Learn to like the things that need to be done

Start be doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossibleSome things needs to be done weather we like them or not
Example – mother caring for their young this may not always be fun, may even be painfull but if we learn to like the task, the impossible become possible

Step 6

start your day with something positive

Read or listen to. Something positive first thing in the morning after a good night sleep we are relaxed and our subconscious is receptive it sets the tone for the day, and put us in the right frame of mind to make the day positive day

Important. For life and if u will follow this ur life will be positive
* look for the positive
*make a habit of doing it now
*Build posit

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Revealing the Top 8 Benefits of Digital Marketing

A lot of large fishes in your pond may have already mastered Digital Marketing and may be gaining a considerable traffic too. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t compete!

One of the best things about Digital Marketing is that it can work with very little budget, and sometimes even no budget!

Read through the blog and find out what are the Top Benefits of Digital Marketing to get your hands on right, right now!


Rather call it pocket-friendly! The fact that as a start up, something that fits within every budget is more likely. Traditional marketing brings in a lot of expense with no certainty of the results. Hence, advertising on social media and Google may be a cheaper and more effective option.

There are quite some methods, to name a few – ppc (pay-per-click) where you only pay for each person that clicks through to your website, or sponsored posts, where you can place content on other websites in exchange of a fee.

Also, you are sure that your advert isn’t in the bin or completely ignored!

2.Real-Time Results Tracking

In this ever hurrying world, what serves better than real-time results tracking. Digital marketing provides a base to see accurate results in real time. Putting an advertisement in a newspaper or a magazine, never gives you the statistics of who really viewed your ad and who was interested.

But, digital marketing helps you to precisely track the CTR, conversions, clicks, impressions and ROI of the ad campaign.


Marketing a company digitally means whoever your targeted audience be; female, male, students, working professionals, rich, poor, doctors, farmers; the marketers get to play with accurate data for analysis, planning and acting upon it.

You get the hold that your advertisement reaches the selected criteria for sure and lures them into buying.

4.Brand Building

Through Digital Marketing, the company can gather a lot of know-abouts about the customer like the demography, contact details, shipping address, who visited their website, or subscribed for their newsletter, signed up for an offer, bought a product etc., and hence offer them event-based, season based, interest-based discounts, offers etc., which makes the customer want to purchase from the same place and same website over and over again.

This contributes a great deal to brand building by re-targeting them through email campaigns, display ads on the Google network, Face book or Instagram.

Get inspired further more by WATCHING THIS

5.Personalized Approach

Anything that is personalized, sells! Digital Marketing enables the marketers to get higher conversion rate than the traditional advertising by providing a wide scope for personalizing emails, ads, content etc.

6.Higher Engagement

In today’s markets, to engage a consumer you must provide him with a platform where he can practically interact with real people, write their feedback, and get instant responses for the issues they face with products or services.

Thus, in Digital Marketing, and Social Media to its aid, the customers are highly engaged with the brands than ever.


Internet spreads everything even faster than a forest fire! A click of a button and “poof!!” it’s done!

Whether you’ve done well socially, economically or academically, digital marketing allows you to share so instantly. People need something new every day, and then why not give what they want immediately!

8.Brings in Organic Traffic:

A few relevant keywords that sufficiently describe the business and the services provided is all you need to bring in organic traffic. And this is only possible through Digital Marketing.

An alert mind, awareness of current trends, knowledge about your sector and a constant effort to keep your content updated, to be available with answers before the questions are asked is what brings you to the top on the SERP.

If you had to choose between spending your entire budget to take a leap from a small business to a gigantic one, would it be on classic marketing on billboards and magazines, or targeting the right people on various social media platforms and using strategic SEO methods to reach your audience? Go ahead, and comment on how did you find the blog and what else would you like to read?

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5 Most Important Guiding Principles to decide on your Career Choices and build an Inspiring Career


Choosing a career or a profession is not easy. The career choices you make determines the rest of your life. After all, you spend most of your life on the job. Even if you are a student or a professional who feel that you have chosen the wrong profession, it is extremely important to think of the next step. It is never a wrong time to do the right thing. Choose or change your career for a lifetime of success and satisfaction.

Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it. In today’s world of modernization and globalization, there are numerous opportunities and options available in terms of career choices. It’s up to you to choose from this vast ocean of opportunities.

It is advised to choose a career profession or make a career change wisely with respect to your interests and ambitions. The process of deciding on a career choice might seem difficult or ambiguous, however the following guiding principles would certainly help you get closer to your goal and land you in your dream job.


Start your career planning by knowing yourself first. Learn about your interests, values, education, soft skills, personality, etc. and determine the parameters that will simplify your career choice.


Every individual possesses a different skill set. Understanding your own skills and personality traits helps you decide on certain occupations or jobs that would fit you appropriately against those that would be totally unworthy of your interest. Self-assessment tools and various aptitude tests can draw you nearer to your conclusions. Also, taking career advice from a professional counselor helps you determine and decided on your career choices.


Once you are through with the process of self-assessment, you should start exploring the list of various occupations in demand that can offer you jobs in alignment with your interest and skill set. Relatively, you can also gather information regarding the job descriptions, educational and other requirements of the jobs that appeal you. At this stage you can also analyze your entrepreneurial skills and evaluate some exciting start-up options as well.


Finally, after doing all the research when you are ready to make your career choice, you should then link your major learning to your choice of career. You should plan your short-term and long-term goals and align it with the career of your decision and work towards the same. For example, enrolling yourself for a course in college or upgrading your skills through some training modules and learning about the prospects of the career choices you decided upon. Plan and structure your career by laying out the steps that you will have to take to reach to your goals.

  1. 5)    KNOW YOUR VALUES:

One should understand and accept that healthy competition exists everywhere. With this competitive nature of jobs today, you are as valued as the experiences and employability skills that you possess. While healthy competition helps bring out the best in you, don’t scale yourself against others. Keep pushing your boundaries to be the best version of yourself today and every day.


At the end, I would like to conclude with this inspiring note quoted by Nelson Mandela – There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

A career is not just about earning an income, it’s about pursuing the essence of your life. Choose your career in a way that when you look back, you should be proud of the work and proud the choices that you made and tried everything to make it happen.

So, how about getting more guidance on the same topic?

Comment your feedback here and what topics you would like to read more.

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