Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies that made PM MODI win once again


#1 Namo 2.0: Digital Strategies

The nation has already chosen Mr. Narendra Modi for the throne, the credit for which clearly goes to their spontaneous Marketing and PR team of BJP who didn’t only plan but also executed certain strategies to a great extent. As we all know, Mr. Modi was booming on Twitter’s list and the party has made a lot of efforts in reaching to audience in the form of Social Media.

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#2 MainBhiChowkidar: The Viral Campaign

MainBhiChowkidar is a campaign launched by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) for the purpose of making it reach to the larger audiences which resulted in shot up on Twitter trends and became a much hot topic to talk on Social Media. Finally, the campaign became a marketing masterstroke.


#3 NaMo TV

Here, the simple assumption taken in mind that many people whether they are youth, business people, service people, after coming home like to watch a TV and also follow regular updates. This became a master point to shoot the advertisement running the coverage of PM NARENDRA MODI 24*7 on NaMo TV. Launching NaMo TV became a smart step taken by BJP by keeping in mind the power of digital sources in today’s time.

#4 Cine Wars


In today’s world we know that a lot of importance has been given to Bollywood Industry. Bollywood, Sports and Politics are some of the main rulers of the entertainment world. In order to reach to a larger audience, BJP released an exclusive biopic based on the real life of Mr. Narendra Modi. Instead of movie got failed by huge numbers at the box office but later it was much appreciated by critics.

#5 Youtube Strategy

BJP boomed youtube with various digital songs and advertisement related to elections and also received millions of view and lakhs of likes on Youtube as well as various other social media platforms.

#6 Social Media Advertisement

Over the period of last 4 months from February 2019 to May 2019 BJP page, “BHARAT MANN KI BAAT” spent Rs 1,15,62,530 on different 2498 platforms and made it to the top 20 pages that spent the most on ads.

#7 NaMo Merchandise

NaMo Merchandise has been in discussion recently. They are also available on various e-commerce platforms like Amazon and PaytmMall.

#8 The Meme Power

Memes in today’s world works like a superpower on social media and for that BJP is much aware of its trend and power. BJP in this way keeps the audience engaged about their work and gets them updated through official as well as unofficial channels.

#9 Understanding People’s Insights

The activity here focused in knowing what people are willing for and their insights? In which they had found out the Brand Value of Mr. Narendra Modi greater than the BJP.

#10 Word Of Mouth

An effort was made to create a clear mindset in the minds of people that Modi is a positive doer and is actually a word of mouth keeper. Keeping this mind the campaign had a purpose to gain people’s trust.

As a final word, I would like to say that Digital strategies helped a lot to BJP and PM Modi in winning elections 2019. Don’t miss out on these strategies that contributed huge in winning of Modi. It is not a winning of a man but a winning of a nation altogether.

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